FAQ – Questions & Answers

FAQ – Questions & Answers

At Commerce One, we specialize in delivering top-tier consulting services across a range of critical areas, including Commerce & E-commerce, Marketing & Digital Marketing, Project Management, and Communication. We also offer expertise in staff management, executive and employee training, as well as curriculum development and teaching for colleges and universities.

We cover almost all the planning and executive (management) needs, from audits to strategic planning, implementation and execution. We are also very good at managing projects and staff. In many cases, we can suggest you proven formulas and plans suitable for your organization needs. Also, on a case-by-case basis we can take in charge technological integrations and implementations. As well as fulfilling any needs you may have in junior or intermediary employees related to our fields of services (e.g., social media managers, support representatives, etc).

We have different plans and modes after we have both determined what your needs are. Depending on their availability, our consultants can work on a part-time or full-time basis, on a day-to-day basis, or even on a long-term work contract (years) if needed. Every case is specific. We even offer phone consulting on an hourly basis.

There are numerous advantages to choosing our consultants over hiring permanent employees:
  • Large expertise put in common: We work as a collective, and we have an internal contract of mutual assistance with no additional charge. Concretely, it means at any moment when needed, our consultants “consult” among themselves to provide the higher expertise on any project. At the contrary, we know that getting access to outside sources of expertise for employees is often a burden and, therefore, the organization limits itself to the expertise of its employees;
  • Guarantee of performance: We have a workaround and optimization protocol, assuring a constant supervision between consultants. It means your organization doesn’t have to deal with performance issues as you might have with permanent staff. We assure everything works smoothly and at the top level of performance. Thus, if any hurdle happens between your organization and a consultant, we can switch to a different consultant very fast. Doing the same thing with permanent staff is however very difficult and takes time and resources;
  • High-Level profile: You are guaranteed to have top experts in their fields, with a proven track record. The typical profile of our senior expert consultants is: university degree from high-level universities, 15-30 years of experience in their field of expertise, proven track record, worked with renowned companies and big brands;
  • Quick results with limited expenses: Our senior level consultants have a high capacity of analysis and planning. Although they have also very good personal relationship skills, they are not there to lose time around your coffee machine: they go direct to the point, and they are fully dedicated to enhancing your organization’s success very quickly;
  • Less charges and commitment as an employer: Our consultants are there to do their job and enhance your organization’s success, point. So once their mission is completed, you have no commitment like you may have over any member of a staff. No pressure on you and no drama here. The only thing our consultants expect at the end of the journey is a smile and a friendly handshake.

The first step, without commitment, is a quick evaluation of your needs. This is totally free and usually implies a few communications to understand your needs and answer a few questions. After that first step, you will receive a strategic pre-planning, establishing what steps should be taken to achieve your goals. From that point, we can start the whole process after we agree on the aspects of it.
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